About Coreen

Colorful_CoreenArtist Statement
“Jewelry is the match that lights the fire of the face! Jewelry has the unique ability to enhance coloring and facial features and can bring new or added life to any wardrobe.

Your choice in jewelry becomes an extension of your face and conveys to the world who you are and how you want to be seen. I design these beautiful pieces to celebrate life, to help the wearer communicate without words and bring unity to stone, metal and design.

I invite you to explore this diverse and exciting collection and choose pieces that light up your face and speak to your heart.”—Coreen Cordova

After 35 years in the cosmetic industry where she ranged from owning makeup studios in San Francisco on Union Square, being a celebrity makeup and fashion expert on local and national television, and national spokesperson for the beauty division of a major US corporation, Coreen found a new inspiration: a passion for jewelry.

While spending several months living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and enrolling in silversmith classes, Coreen decided that designing and manufacturing jewelry would be her “second act”.

thedesignercapJewelry design was a natural shift for Coreen’s artistic eye and lifestyle. The design concept starts with detachable pendants in many various themes found from all around the world: India, China, Russia, Japan, Mexico and Africa.

Each treasure is then surrounded in silver and capped with her innovative “hook” that allows the client to move the piece from a necklace, to a bracelet and even a creative zipper pull.

Coreen’s amazing one-of-a-kind charm necklaces come in a variety of themes from Cowboys and Indians to Buddha’s and Guadalupe (the list is endless!). Many of the charms can be purchased separately which gives the client the opportunity to create their own jewelry statement through shape, color or symbol. The versatility of this concept is what makes Coreen Cordova’s jewelry unique, creative and inspirational.