About the Designs

Coreen Cordova’s jewelry grabs your attention and never lets go! Her pieces are bold, dynamic, inspiring. Choose one, then add several more… and keep on going. The look becomes your look — but better than you ever imagined!

Versatility is the cornerstone of Coreen’s work: A necklace becomes more than a necklace… wear it with the clasp in back as you would expect and start designing, or turn it around so that you can hang pendants from the toggle that’s now in the front. Or you might wrap it several times around your wrist and wear it as a bracelet.

With so many options, you can have an entire wardrobe with just a few pieces. And what’s more, how you put it together makes your collection unique to just you!

The Hook!

The vehicle for the versatility that is the cornerstone of Coreen’s work is her signature hook. This allows you, the wearer, to move the piece where you want it for your look. One crucial detail – The hook MUST BE CLOSED for the piece to stay on your chain, zipper pull, bracelet etc.  The hooks are designed to open and close many times so that you can constantly change where you have it hung, but here are some precautions to help ensure that your piece stays in excellent condition.

To Open – Hold pendant at the base of the hook, grab the lip of the hook with jewelry pliers and lift up, slightly. Do not open the hook wider than necessary. If you do not have pliers, a butter knife will do the trick!

To Close – Once it is on, squeeze the hook down tightly. You can do this with jewelry pliers or with your fingers.

To Care for your Silver (Sterling or Silver Plated) Pieces:

Silver will keep its shine longer if stored with the least amount of air/moisture exposure. A simple, though admittedly not very attractive, storage option is plastic bags. If your silver does begin to tarnish, use a soft silver cleaning cloth to bring back the shine.

It is not advised to use more harsh abrasive cleaners or silver polish, as it may damage many of the materials used in our jewelry. Please exercise caution even with a polishing cloth — bone (a common material found in our pendants) is very easily blemished by the black smudges from a polishing cloth.

A few things to remember:

  • Hairspray, perfume, makeup, etc. may discolor or damage your jewelry. Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on.
  • Brightly colored beads will fade if left in the sun — best to keep them in a drawer or jewelry box.


Many people want to know what materials Coreen uses in her pendants and necklaces. We recently put together a list of some of the most common materials with a small image for an example. We hope this will be helpful for you!

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