Do you have an online retail store?

Yes!Shop here! Don’t forget to check out our retail locations for even more selections than offered here. And of course if you’re having any trouble, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you find it!

Why can’t I find a specific necklace that I saw (on a friend, in a store, in an ad, etc.) on your website?

Most of Coreen’s charm necklaces are one-of-a-kind. She creates necklaces within common themes — i.e. Western, Guadalupe, Spiritual, etc. — but very rarely does she ever make two that are identical (unless they are offered in our Catalogfor the current season).

If you have already checked Coreen Originals – our listing of currently available one-of-a-kind or limited edition designs, and you haven’t fallen in love, please visit our Inspiration Galleryto learn about the process for having Coreen create a custom piece.

Why do you show necklaces in your advertisements that are often not possible to purchase?

These are pieces of art meant to inspire collectors! These necklaces are often made of pieces in Coreen’s private collection – they have taken years to collect and if sold, would be in the Couture Collection (costing generally from $7,000 – $10,000). However, because these are meant as inspiration, we hope that you will browse the hundreds of other designs that Coreen has done in a similar, but slightly smaller-scale format (see: Coreen Originals & Inspiration Gallery).

How can I have Coreen design a necklace or bracelet for me?

See our events page to see if Coreen will be in your area!! Or click here to find inspiration and our request form.

How do I work the hook on my pendants?

Please see our Care for Jewelry for complete instructions on using Coreen’s signature hooks.

How do I get my charm necklace to lay nicely when it gets twisted up?

Grasp the toggle bar and hold it up so that the rest of the chain hangs down toward the floor. The pendants will naturally “untangle” or “untwist”.

I have a hard time balancing pendants in order to put together a nice looking charm necklace. Any tips?

Please see our Design With Coreen page for design tips

What are your pendants made from?

The materials used in the necklaces and bracelets come from all over the world. They are shipped to us from each of the countries and they are then sent to Mexico for the silver work. All of the pieces are surrounded with a triple silver plated or sterling bezel and a “signature” hook in Mexico. Each chain is also handcrafted in Mexico… Once completed, each charm/pendant is sent back to our studio for assembly.

Each completed necklace or bracelet has a “story” – either in context or color. We also sell many (but not all!) charms separately so that the client can make their own statement.

In General:
– Most triple silver plated and sterling pieces are handcrafted in Mexico. A few special pieces are collected from Tibet.
– Bone pieces come from Africa or China. Most are from cow, but yak is also used in some pieces.
– The shell work comes from China and Japan.
– All of the lacquer pieces come from China and dyed to my specifications each season.
– Turquoise comes from mines in the US and China.
– Most of the semi-precious stones are cut in India.

Will the item I receive look exactly like the picture?

Because our items are all handcrafted (and often made from natural materials) there are subtle variations in color, size, and shape. These variations let you know that your pieces were truly handcrafted and should be considered part of what makes your purchase special.

Are the dimensions listed in the product descriptions exact

Due to the handcrafted nature of the items, dimensions in the product descriptions should be regarded as approximate.

How should I care for my handcrafted jewelry?

See our page here for complete details.

What if my question is not answered here?

We are here to serve you! We try to educate our customers, so they can make informed purchases as well as appreciate the history behind their jewelry. We encourage you to contact us and ask any questions that we may not have covered in our website.