September 2011 Cowboys & Indians


Simply Charmed

Personalize your look with more than just silver
by Jaime Netzer

In a past life, Coreen Cordova was a master of painting faces; today, she’s a whiz at framing them with her original jewelry designs. The former makeup artist began working with silver 10 years ago, and her striking designs were a hit from the start when Neiman Marcus immediately snapped up her line. While she has been making statement pieces with cowboy boots and horseshoes for years, Cordova has more recently recognized a need in the Western market for jewelry with an extra element of romance. “Western women are very romantic, and feminine,” she says. Her Romantic line designs include laced silver, cherubs, and butterflies. “You need to change it up,” says Cordova. “We all get bored, and sometimes you just want something sweet—this line does sweet.” The charms are detachable, a signature of her work that allows customers to personalize their look and employ more than just silver, with designs incorporating bone, glass, ceramic, and resin. The designer has also recently launched the Coreen Cordova Carbon Copy line, explaining with a laugh, “I wanted to knock myself off for less money.” For the consumer on a budget, the collection offers more affordable charm necklaces plated in silver. “With this line, you’re getting a designer piece and you’re getting a great look,” Cordova says. “We all have to survive, and we all want to look pretty.”

Items shown may be from Coreen’s archived collections. To see the pieces available at this time please see our current Collection. Or contact us to see if it is possible to have similar items recreated.