The Hook


The Hook


The vehicle for the versatility that is the cornerstone of Coreen’s work is her signature hook. This silver-plated hook allows you, the wearer, to move the charm pendant to different positions on the chain. With this ability, your Coreen Cordova necklace can become a new piece each time you wear it!

How to Adjust the Hook

Step 1

Using jewelry pliers, grab the round loop at the bottom of the hook.  (If you do not have jewelry pliers, you can use a butter knife.)


Step 2

Carefully open the loop just wide enough to fit the ring of your pendant.


Step 3

Slip the ring of your pendant through the small opening you have made.


Step 4

Grab the end of the loop with your pliers & carefully close it so your pendant is secure.


With Coreen’s signature silver hook you have a much more versatile pendant!

One crucial detail:

The hook MUST BE PRESSED CLOSED when placed in order for the pendant to stay on your chain.  If it is not, you risk losing your pendant.

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