The lotería is the Mexican game of chance. It might seem like Bingo, but this enthralling board game is
more than entertainment. The images found on their cards are miniature reflections of an entire
culture, capturing the joys and sorrows of the Mexican people.

This necklace is fulled with Lotería images in full throttle color: El Catrin (the gentleman), El Borracho
(the drunk!), La Mano (the hand), El Diablito (the devil), La Rosa, El Mundo (the world),El Corazon (the
heart), La Calavera (the skull), La Chalupa (the boat) and La Sirena (the mermaid).
And what’s so captivating is the variation of forms these images come in. Colorful, fun and one-of-a-

Resin, tin and silver.


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